MUHU hat by Wollmuschi


Materials: Supersoft 100% Uld which means 100% Shetland wool.

Measurements: 56 cm circumference and 12 cm measured in height.

Only one available.


MUHU hat by Wollmuschi

The wonderful book ‘Designs and Patterns from Muhu Island’ inspired me to work on this design and hand knit this hat. The bright colors are very typical for Muhu patterns and give it it’s unique charme. Personally, I consider this hat more of as a piece of jewelry. Whenever you wear it, it will brighten up your hole outfit and get you a lot of compliments.

The hat is knitted with very tiny needles and it takes quite some advanced knitting skills to do so.

I gave the hat a shape that would fit the Muhu idea and support the folklore look.  Furthermore it is almost weightless. The yarn is thin and light and the hat is light as a feather. The yarn is also soft, BUT if your skin is sensitive to natural yarns, this might not be for you. Otherwise, this fabric does not irritate the skin.

This hat is a really unique item and it is very unlikely that someone else on this planet will wear the same one. If other knitters choose to work from the pattern they will pick different yarn and colors. So the word unique really has a meaning here.

If you want to go really wild, you can even purchase the Muhu shawl, I designed with it.

For those, who would like to knit this hat for themselves, the pattern can be found here:

And some other versions of the scarf can be found here:

All ready to wear garments are new and have only be worn for fitting and photo shoots. These garments can net be returned or refunded. 






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