SPACE sweater by Wollmuschi

SPACE sweater by Wollmuschi


Materials: the light gray yarn is made from 100% wool. The orange and dark gray yarns are a hand dyed merinos, silk and cashmere blend.

Measurements: size 36-38     

Bust circumference: 47 cm / 18.5“

Total length: 53 cm / 20.8“

Width of sleeve at widest point: 29 cm / 11.8 “

Width of sleeve at wrist: 21 cm / 8.2“

Length of sleeve measured from armpit to wrist: 42 cm / 16.5“

Only one available.



SPACE sweater by Wollmuschi

This sweater is hand knit with the original intention to write a knitting pattern for this design. Though I love the sweater the pattern has never been written and this is the only item there is.  So the word unique really has a meaning.

It is a traditional yoke sweater knitted top down and features some stranded color work work at the upper part of the sweater. It’s a playful design and the mix of bright colors and ancient symbols remind me of space. The orange color in reality is brighter than on the pictures.

This sweater is made from two different types of yarn. The light gray used for the upper body and sleeves is a very rustic yarn made from wool. This quality of yarn is often used for outdoor sweaters and is very sustainable. In contrast to it the other yarn is a personally hand dyed blend of merinos, silk and cashmere. This yarn is extremely soft and can be worn on bare skin.

All in all a very youthful sweater that can be worn in-and outdoors.

All ready to wear garments are new and have only be worn for fitting and photo shoots. These garments can net be returned or refunded.




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